The Williams Family Endowed Scholarship

The Williams Family Endowed Scholarship

As an athlete, I grew up dreaming of playing in the NBA. After graduating high school, Montgomery College allowed me to continue to pursue my dream while educating myself in the field of business. After winning the MARYLAND state MVP award in 1993 for Division III basketball, I was pursued by over (40) Div. I Colleges and Universities. Because Montgomery College allowed me the opportunity to get my degree, I was able to accept a scholarship to Georgetown University where I graduated with a degree in Sociology in 1996.

I pursued my degree in Sociology, which led to a successful career as a Global Ambassador for the NBA, Toronto Raptors and New York Knicks after playing (9) seasons in the NBA. I’ve been able to start many businesses because of my foundation in business I received from Montgomery College.

To the recipients of our scholarship, your college years, although stressful at times, will hopefully be a wonderful time in your life. A quality education, coupled with hard work, will open many doors for you. We hope this scholarship will help you pursue your dreams and that you, in turn, will someday establish your own scholarship to help the next generation. This scholarship is our way of recognizing what Montgomery College gave to me and my family.

We wish you every success and happiness- The Williams Family (Jerome, Nikkollette, Seaquett, Johnnie, Gabrielle, Giselle and Jeremiah.

Jerome “JYD” Williams
Chairman/ CEO of IP FAMBA INC.