AFCEA-Bethesda Chapter Scholars Program

- Majoring in Computer Science, Computer Simulation and Gaming, Cyber Security, or Engineering;
- High School or College 2.5 GPA or higher (weighted);
- Demonstrated financial need (completed FAFSA form);
- Full-time student;
- Current Montgomery County resident;
- Graduate of a Montgomery County high school;
- U.S. citizen or permanent resident;
- Interested in transferring to a four-year school engineering, computer science, computer gaming/simulation, or cyber security (scholarship recipients will be given priority consideration for an AFCEA Bethesda scholarship at University of Maryland, College Park or Universities at Shady Grove); and
- Able to attend an AFCEA Bethesda event (date/time to be determined)

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you taking any remedial or developmental courses?
  2. Are you interested in transferring to a four-year school for engineering or computer science?
  3. If so, is this the University of Maryland, College Park?